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Winners for Challenge 8

Challenge 8 - Rest in Peace

First Place
by bubbles_girl778

Second Place
by thesuthernangel

Third Place
by juliet42

MOD's choice
by tickingtimeless
original, funny, and cute!

**New Category: Most Original!!

I have decided that the idea of this community lends it self to originality, since we focus on characters that you don't see iconed much. Therefore, I think that every challenge (if there are enough entries) there should be an icon chosen for most original (also b/c I have a hard time picking 1 mods choice, lol). So the first recipient of the

"Get It Done" Award for Most Original goes to:
by zandra_x
Extremely original. I have never seen an icon of this and if there is one, it's rare. Great Job!!!

Challenge 9 will be up shortly...I hope :)
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