May 1st, 2006

Team Dollhouse Esses

Challenge #13

Challenge #13

Not Quite Human

Okay, you know all of those lesser-appreciated characters that aren't human? Maybe they're vampires, or demons, or werewolves, or gods...the point is not human at least in the everyday sense.Yes, I know. This means probably means no topless Lindsey this week. Maybe someone can manip an icon of topless Clem or something. (What? Clem rocks!)

You may make up to two icons. Entries are due by: Friday, May 19, pm EST. Because I usually give two weeks anyway and I'm going to be at NFA on the 12th. Submit entries to this post. Entries will be screened.

Also remember: under-appreciated characters should be the focus of the icon. For a list of possible choices please see the community info.

If we get 25 entries for this challenge the winner may actually get something I bring back from NFA. So pimp like mad and enter. Thank you.
*here ends incentive*