November 10th, 2005

TV: FF: River object


Challenge #1 and #2 will end Wednesday, November 16th. So get your entries in!!!

Important note on credited characters:
juliet42 and I have agreed that we are only going to allow those that are credited for 1 season or less. This includes only Doyle, Lorne, Oz(?), and Connor (if I'm wrong about any of these let me know). Gunn and Dawn have been removed (sorry oravannahka, don't hate me!! you have an entire Dawn challenge comm!) This means no to Fred. We had to make a definite rule - otherwise everyone has their opinion of who is underappreciated. So again here are the 2 rules, characters who are:
1). NOT credited - that is, do not appear in the opening credits as a starring/co-starring role.
2). credited for 1 season or less.

Hope that clears up any questions. That still lives about a bazillion options. So go forth and icon :)