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Challenge #13 Results

1st Place: by stepinsidelove

2nd Place: by fan4eva4life

3rd Place: by leishpod

Mods Choice: fan4eva4life

Mods Choice: beyondobsessive

Most Original bubbles_girl778


Wow, we had so many entries this week. Unfortunately still not the twenty five I was hoping for. So for everyone who won, any place, what I'm going to say is if you want I can give you a copy, I guess pre-print of any of my autographs J. August Richards*, Christian Kane and Steve Carlson, Vincent Kartheiser*, Adrienne Wilkinson*, Clare Kramer*, Amy Acker*, Andy Hallet*, Jonathan Woodward* and a cast pic signed Amy, J, Andy, and Dayne (the makeup artist). Oh, or Alexis Denisof or Amber Benson. the ones with asterisks are personalized if that would affect your decision. And a print out a photo (your choice of size) of any of the guests at NFA. Which is the above listed minus Amber Benson and Alexis Denisof. Also Keith who played Holtz, I have photos of him as well if you're a fan. Or two autograph copies or two photos, however you want to do that. Does any of that make sense?

You still obviously get banners even if you don't care about any of that other stuff. New Challenge up soon. Hope you'll enter and pimp. I'd really like to see entries stay at this level if not go higher.

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